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Hi ! I'm S. S. Sriram.

The concept of "Sahanas 199 Rupee Learnshop" struck me when I got to interact with people from various backgrounds. They are either passionate about constantly Learning something new and keeping their Lifestyle Creative and updated; Or Interested in Sharing their Knowledge and skill, with passionate Learners.

Sahanas 199 Rupee Learnshop is the connecting Medium to Bridge the Gap between Learners & Teachers. Our objectives are Simple :

  • Create unique opportunities for those seeking to live a creatively Inspired life; and
  • Support Local upcoming Artists, Teachers, People with New Ideas  and Start Ups

This is definitely the One Stop place for meeting cool people, having fun and of course, learning new stuff is cool too 😉

The Learnshops happen at Sahanas, in a Fully Air-Conditioned Hall with Snacks & Refreshments for 15 Minutes prior to the Commencement of Each Learnshop. Each Learnshop has got Surprise Gifts, Free Goodies and much more in Store for you.

Oh ! You get all the Learnshops priced at Just Rs.199* ! 

If you have any queries please feel free to get in touch with me via mail -  sriram@sahanas.in 

* - Learnshops that require Materials will be priced accordingly.
Example - A Learnshop on Craft for which the Tutor provides all the Materials will be priced depending on the cost of materials per participant whereas
a Learnshop that doesn't involve Materials, (such as a Seminar or a Lecture) will be Priced at Just Rs.199/-