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Music has got the power to bring mental stability, peace of mind and positive thinking.

Then why isn’t it pursued by everyone? 

The answer we got was 

“the way it’s being taught”.

Music is approached as another subject or an activity to master rather than a way of life

We wanted to bring about a change in the way Music is perceived and SAHANAS was born as a result.

At Sahanas, music is not a craft that you can excel at or master

Music is a daily habit, a way of life through which you can bring about a significant positive change within yourself and to your surroundings.

We have taken 3 mediums which can make this possible

In short, we aim to: 


Make Music available for everyone to learn, experience and practice.


Promote and cultivate music as a habit and a way of life among kids and adults through Music Classes & Events.


Create high quality audio/music outputs for Media projects through our In-House Studio Sahanas.


S. S. Sriram

Raghavi Upendiran

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Parent of Tanisha & Tamoghna who learn both Vocals & Keyboard at Sahanas


"Sahanas truly instills  musical interest in the new age kids and makes the art form fun and a great learning experience. Sriram takes utmost care to ensure every class is well planned and kids leave the class happy. Not an easy task in this day of instant gratification. Raghavi makes classical music interesting and kids enjoy the overall experience. Overall if you want your kids to explore the musical world definitely Sahanas is the go-to place."

Open Mic Performer

Lakshmi Ramasubramanian

"They are conducting unique open mic sessions where individuals can open up and find ears to listen to you.. Be it music or stand up comedy or any other talent has a place in their session.. Totally loved it.. Looking forward to be a part of the next session again..”


Abishek Balaji

"This place is a wonderful place for learning and performing arts! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you are a starting musician who wants to be better!”

Music Composer


"Sriram is the Ideal Teacher, who has the knack of explaining complex things patiently and in simple words. My biggest takeaway from the Sound Engineering Course is developing some sense of Judgement of sound which was my main goal. It made me feel and think about Music & Sound from a different Perspective."

Doctor & our Vocal Student

Dr. Rita Palaniappan


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