The first thought that comes to most of our minds when we hear the words “Recording Studio” are on the below lines: 

“Studio is for Professional Singers”

“I will have to train before I book a recording session.” 

We can add many such thoughts, but know what? All these are myths.

Have you ever thought, 

“I should look like a celebrity, to click a picture of myself”?. 

Just like how you are entitled to get good pictures of yourself clicked, you are as much entitled to record a good track of your voice.

STUDIO IS FOR EVERYONE - This is what we believe in.

We make sure you feel comfortable and at ease before we even start the session time.

We have recorded for a wide range of projects from Voice-Overs, Ad-Jingles to Music Albums.

Sahanas unique concept of Gift Recording Session

Our perfect gift card packages that you can gift yourself or your loved ones on special occasions.

The Standard gift card includes an hour’s recording, mixing & mastering of songs recorded with Karaoke.

We also have video options where we shoot a video of the singer singing and deliver it as a professional lyric video. 

Below are some of our video samples of the above mentioned concept. This concept has spread virally and we are having packed slots delivering happiness in the form of recordings on special occasions.



Clicking the record button and recording the audio is only 10% of the audio production. Post-Production phase is where we take your projects to the best quality standards of audio.

We have a dedicated team of experts to ensure your audio/visual media projects have the best possible soundscape.

Our Post Production services include: 

Sound Editing & Mixing

Sound effects / Foley effects creation

Audio Mastering

Original Background Music / Ambient Track composing



View some of our works that can be found on Youtube.


Music Videos


Short Films & Documentaries


Tutorial Videos

Note: Corporate Videos/Documentaries that we have worked on, are not available on public forums.


Over the years, we have served top clients - both Individuals and Companies - across the globe for various projects. Below are some of our esteemed clients.

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